This is the website of Sean Bellows, designer/developer of internet-y-like things (whatever those are)

Sean Bellows
Web Designer & Developer
Ann Arbor, MI
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I am a front-end developer and UI designer currently working as an application developer for CU Solutions Group. Previously, I was at Flipboard and University of Michigan-Flint. Prior to my life as a full-time web developer, I worked in television animation as a storyboard artist and character designer and in publishing as a graphic designer, illustrator, and typesetter.

More About Me

Tools, Stacks, and Macs

Due to the nature of the clients and companies I have worked for, I have had to wear many hats and continually expand my knowledge while working within different environments and with an assortment of stacks and tools.

  • JavaScript
    • ES5 & ES6
    • Vue.js
    • Angular (2+)
    • node.js
  • PHP
    • Laravel
    • WordPress
  • Xcode
  • Github
  • CSS, Sass/SCSS, & LESS
  • Task Runners: WebPack (and several of its predecessors)
  • CMSs
    • WordPress
    • Drupal
  • Package Managers
    • npm
    • Yarn
    • Homebrew
    • Composer

Less About Me